I stopped at a random Sally Beauty Supply store on the way home from a beach in Florida. On the top shelf where the black hair products are, all of the Shea Moisture Salon Professional products were on clearance. Everything originally sold for $19.99. They were on sale for $4.79! The sizes are much larger than the regular Shea Moisture products (16 ounces versus 8 ounces). I picked up 4 items to try. And I also found a product in Ross for $7.99 that I purchased a couple days before.

764302800170From what I’ve tried, the products are surprisingly excellent. My favorite is the masque with the red label. I don’t know if I would ever pay $20 for it, but for less than $5, I wished I picked up as much as my arms could carry. Sadly, they are not listed on the Sally Beauty website. The masque I purchased is not available on the Shea Moisture website in the size that I purchased. My second favorite product, the leave-in, says it’s “not for sale.” Most of the other products seem to be in stock at full price. Perhaps these have been permanently discounted or they are making way for 27 new product lines with unpronounceable ingredients to debut instead. haha

Item shown is the Curl Memory Leave-In Conditioner

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