A few months back, I found some CK One Lip balms/glosses in the brand named makeup in Poundland. Yes, that’s right, CK One makeup for only £1! For balm, some of these are very pigmented. I picked up 5 of them and I wish they had more. I do get a lot of use out of them. The colours I picked up are below, along with my description. Click the video for swatches.

  • Pots (22306) | Opaque Purple
  • Plum (22305) | Translucent Metallic Plum
  • African Violet (22304) | Transparant Rose
  • Boy Pencil (22307) | Translucent Rosey Pink
  • Fuchsia (22313) | Translucent Metallic Pink

I do think these are definitely worth the price. The colours are lovely and although they look similar in the packaging they are slightly different from each other.

My favourite is Pots (weird name). Biggest downside is they are very messy to put on. It’s a gloss/balm so it transfers. It’s difficult to touch up during the day. I wear Boy Pencil (again, weird name) the most, as it’s an easy-to-maintain nude, with just enough pigment to make my lip colour look even.

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