I’ve seen this brand around the natural hair community. I haven’t personally found Aunt Jackie’s products in stores. I’m interested in trying them out. From what I gather they are very reasonably priced products made for natural hair. According to members of several of the big natural hair forums, Aunt Jackie’s products are available at Family Dollar stores for only $5! I haven’t started my hunt for these, but next time I’m out I’ll have a look for them. Have you tried any of these products? Are they are steal or a waste? Comment below. 🙂

ETA: I did find a purchase Aunt Jackie’s Curl La La at my local Family Dollar. It was the only product from Aunt Jackie’s that that store had and there were 2 jars left. I searched the main hair product aisle with no luck, but just as I was about to give up, I spotted the 2 jars on a black roll-around cart. I paid $5 plus tax for 8 ounces (I think).

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  1. Verla says:

    I have used the Oh La La product. I am very pleased with the way my hair turned out. It gave me the outcome I’ve been trying to get with many of the other natural products I’ve used. Oh La La made my hair very soft and manageable and gave me the natural curls I’ve been looking for. It also gave me a clean shine and a full look. The first time I used it my aunt asked if that was my hair. My hair was very full and pretty. I think I purchased that 8 ounce jar from Family dollar for $5.00. As soon as I’m off work today at 4:30, I’m on my way to Family dollar to get some more. I love it.

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