Kinda late posting this video but here’s a Get Ready With me from the Spring. Watch me turn a week old flat twist updo into beautiful, bouncy, curls set overnight.

I stopped at a random Sally Beauty Supply store on the way home from a beach in Florida. On the top shelf where the black hair products are, all of the Shea Moisture Salon Professional products were on clearance. Everything originally sold for $19.99. They were on sale for $4.79! The sizes are much larger than the regular Shea Moisture products (16 ounces versus 8 ounces). I picked up 4 items to try. And I also found a product in Ross for $7.99 that I purchased a couple days before.

764302800170From what I’ve tried, the products are surprisingly excellent. My favorite is the masque with the red label. I don’t know if I would ever pay $20 for it, but for less than $5, I wished I picked up as much as my arms could carry. Sadly, they are not listed on the Sally Beauty website. The masque I purchased is not available on the Shea Moisture website in the size that I purchased. My second favorite product, the leave-in, says it’s “not for sale.” Most of the other products seem to be in stock at full price. Perhaps these have been permanently discounted or they are making way for 27 new product lines with unpronounceable ingredients to debut instead. haha

Item shown is the Curl Memory Leave-In Conditioner

A few months back, I found some CK One Lip balms/glosses in the brand named makeup in Poundland. Yes, that’s right, CK One makeup for only £1! For balm, some of these are very pigmented. I picked up 5 of them and I wish they had more. I do get a lot of use out of them. The colours I picked up are below, along with my description. Click the video for swatches.

  • Pots (22306) | Opaque Purple
  • Plum (22305) | Translucent Metallic Plum
  • African Violet (22304) | Transparant Rose
  • Boy Pencil (22307) | Translucent Rosey Pink
  • Fuchsia (22313) | Translucent Metallic Pink

I do think these are definitely worth the price. The colours are lovely and although they look similar in the packaging they are slightly different from each other.

My favourite is Pots (weird name). Biggest downside is they are very messy to put on. It’s a gloss/balm so it transfers. It’s difficult to touch up during the day. I wear Boy Pencil (again, weird name) the most, as it’s an easy-to-maintain nude, with just enough pigment to make my lip colour look even.


Urban Decay Build Your Own Palette

This is bulky and not that cost effective, but I had 4 single pot Urban Decay shadows that got no love. This helped me remember to use them and pack them for a pop of color when I’m on a  trip. I was surprised that my shadows are somewhat coordinated as well. One of the best things about this palette is the mirror. It’s large and clear and it stays open at an angle that is super convenient for doing makeup on the go. The palettes are available in different designs and some come with 1 shadow. I think those are a better deal, but I already had 4 shadows.

Collection Eyes Uncovered Nude Grey Palette

This little drug store palette is super cheap and very travel friendly. It’s a fraction of the size and weight of the Naked palette and if it gets damaged or lost, it’s no big deal. The shimmery shades are lovely. The matte shades don’t do much for me. The lightest one is ashy and doesn’t swatch well anyway and the black one is not opaque at all. It’s a nice set for the price and a must have on most of my weekends away.

Cherimoya Matte Black

I’m not familiar with this brand. I was gifted this single shadow matte black. It’s great to have with me if I chose not to bring an eyeshadow palette. Blush, bronzer, etc can all be used as shadow, but there’s no substitute for black. I also use it to create a soft eye liner.

NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder

I’ve owned this for years. I hit pan on my last one and the cover came off and it got filthy. I went without it for a few months but finally went out and got a replacement. I’ve always preferred powdered brows to penciled ones. NYX is the best drug store brow powder I’ve tried. The light brown in the kit makes for a perfect contour color because it’s a cool toned brown that can mimic natural shadows on my skin tone. I love getting more than one use out of a product.

ELF Cream Eyeliner Coffee

I picked this up on a whim, thinking it would be a good dupe for gel brow products. It works excellently for that use. Granted, I haven’t tried any products that are specifically intended for that use. I’ve had it for a while and it hasn’t dried out. The color works great for my brows and after setting with powder, the gel doesn’t budge.

MD Factor Spoolie and Brush

I got this as a freebie and have used it faithfully ever since. The caps do come loose on their own, but they keep the brush clean and more hygienic.

Benefit Watts Up

This is a rediscovery for me. It got heavy usage in 2015. I got it as a Sephora birthday freebie a few years ago and I’ve barely scraped the surface. I watched some strobing tutorials from makeup artist Jordan Liberty and found some great uses for this cream highlighter.

NYX Soft Lip Cream London

I had high expectations for this nude and was really disappointed when I first used it. I thought it absolutely needed a lipliner to look natural. Surprisingly, I’ve used this a lot over the past year. It doesn’t need a liner but I either put it on sparingly or add a lip balm to give me a wash of color.

Bare Minerals Eyeshadows

These shadows are so lovely and girly. They provide a nice wash of color that’s so flattering. Because they’re loose, I don’t travel with them. I hope to use them more in 2016 and display them in a way that helps me put them in my regular rotation.

Calvin Klein Lip Gloss

I’m not entirely sure if these are real. I found them in my local Poundland for £1. I picked up 5, because I thought it was a steal. Luckily, I loved them all. They are shockingly opaque. The colors are lovely and rich. They smell nice and feel nice on the lips. My only complaint is that you have to use your fingers to apply it and due to the dark colors it can get messy.

Make Up Forever Smoky Extravagant

Mascara is one of those things that I thought were all the same- drug store or high end. This however is hands down my favorite mascara of all time. I usually go for waterproof and this is not. The brush is fat and tapers to the end. The formula is just perfect and the wand makes it easy to get to all my curly lashes. I love this more than expected. It was another Sephora freebie but I will definitely purchase when I’m out.

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Here’s another quick manicure video. This polish is an unexpected fav. I’m not big on green, but I love this colour…best of all, it was less than $2 for Sephora by OPI at Big Lots.

Sephora by OPI | Caught with My Khaki’s Down

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Listed Left to Right, Top to Bottom

Thai Crystal Deodorant

I looked for alternative “natural” deodorants for a few years. I tried some readily available ones like Toms. I didn’t really notice any difference from the standard deodorants and I wasn’t fond of the watery formulas that took a while to dry. After doing some research, I decided on a Thai deodorant stone. I found a sample size for cheap at You simply wet it and rub it on your armpits. It does an excellent job of preventing odour. This is also great for carry on travel. Product Link; Sample Size for Different Brand

Coconut Oil

I don’t need to say much about this. I use it on my hair. I especially like this for removing makeup. I love some waterproof mascara and coconut oil gets it off the first time, every time. It’s also very gentle and of course, all natural. Product Link

Lush Bubble Bomb

I’ve never tried regular Lush Bath Bombs, but I picked up a few bubble bombs one day. The scent is really strong and pleasant. There are tons of options. I only break off a small chunk each time I use it so it’s lasted me a very long time. Depending on how much you use, the bubbles can last quite a white. It’s also another carry-on friendly (i.e. non liquid) product, if you want to have a relaxing bubble bath while away.

Skin Doctors Ingrown Hair

This is a new product for me. For most of my life, I didn’t realise that my keratosis pilaris or chicken skin, was actually a thing. Having dots on my legs never really bothered me…even though others made it a point to point it out. The condition (dry, thick skin) blocks hair follicles and causes ingrown hairs. When I started waxing my legs instead of shaving, the ingrown hairs got worse. I still prefer the smooth, long lasting results of waxing. I found this chemical exfolient. I use it a few days before waxing and a few days afterward. It really helps with cutting down on the amount of ingrown hairs on my legs. It’s expensive, but worth it.

Lush Breath of Fresh Air Toner Water

I’ve never used a toner before this but I have no complaints. All of the ingredients are gentle on my skin. It lasts a long time. They have a small size, which I purchased first to try it out. I then bought the large size. The spray nozzle on the large bottle is annoying and doesn’t spray in a fine mist so I transferred the toner into the smaller bottle. I spray this on my face and I’ve also used it in my hair.

Colgate Optic White Toothpaste

I tried to switch to a natural toothpaste, but I haven’t found one that has the same whitening power of Optic White. This is a long time favourite of mine.




Dr. Bronners Peppermint Castle Soap Travel Size

This soap has been a staple of mine for years. I was excited to find it in a travel size at American Apparel, so I can take it with me. Unfortunately, my bottle broke last week, so I have to start the hunt for a new one.



Simple Kind to Skin+ Protecting Moisture Cream

I have dry skin so I need moisturising face cream, but I also tend to sweat on hot days so it can’t be too heavy. This moisturiser balances both needs and it has SPF.

Essence The Gel Nail Polish

I wanted a thick gel-lick polish…this does the job. It has a downside however, it peels and when it peels it’s in huge bits. It’s not ideal but it looks lovely when it freshly done. Plus side is that it’s inexpensive.

ELF Lip Exfoliator

My bestie told me about this because I was eyeing more expensive options at Lush. This ELF lip exfolient gets the job done and is one of the cheaper options on the market. It’s a must have for my dry lips.



Wax Strips

Waxing regularly is a pretty new thing for me. I can’t stand the pain, but I love how long the results last. I moved from the US to the UK and had to leave my epilator. They are much more expensive here and wax strips are only £1 for 20. I actually don’t know if I’ll even bother buying another epilator because the wax is slightly less tortuous.



Dr Tung’s Tongue Scraper

I don’t know how I lived without one. My dental routine is not complete without scraping my tongue. It freshens breathe and overall makes my mouth feel much cleaner. Link to Dr. Tung’s Tongue Cleaner

MeLuna Menstrual Cup

It took me a long time to finally purchase a menstrual cup. I had tried disposable ones before but didn’t know how I’d get on with a reusable one. Honestly, I should’ve done it sooner. It’s much more convenient than tampons. There’s no fear of toxic shock syndrome and I can wait until I’m at home to empty it. My biggest fear was washing it out (it has to be sterilised) and using public restrooms. That hasn’t been a problem at all. I have a light flow and even with the smallest cup, it doesn’t fill enough to where I have to change it on the go. Luckily the tap water here (in the UK) get’s extremely hot so I can clean it in the bathroom. When I was younger, I don’t remember cups being an option talked about. It’s definitely my preferred option and more young women should at least know what else is out there. MeLuna Shop


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Products Used:

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These are some of my favorite foundation and base finds from 2015. Originally, I included the Urban Decay setting spray but I changed my mind because it’s expensive and I don’t think the mist was fine enough. I could see the droplets of where the spray landed and where it hadn’t. I’m trying other setting sprays now. The rest are my go to face products that I use almost every time. Product images within the post will take you to a retailer.





Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer- Luminizing

Smashbox Photo Finish Primers are amazing. I have the original formula and this luminizing one. Because my skin is dry, I tend to go for face products that are either moisturizing or leave a dewy finish. With this product, I don’t have to mix a luminizer into my primer. I bought mine for less than $4 at Nordstrom Rack and it’s lasted ages. It’s my go-t0 primer.



MAC Face and Body Foundation 120 ML

I tried to select products that were new to me in 2015, but I couldn’t leave this out. I’ve faithfully used this for around 2 years now. I still haven’t found a foundation, BB cream, or tinted moisturizer that compares. It has buildable coverage but it’s lightweight and dewy, mostly importantly, it’s waterproof and doesn’t transfer!  It’s perfect for dry skin and it works with my summer and winter color. My shade C7 is about NC 45.



MAC Studio Finish Concealer

I’ve also had this for more than a year. I use this a ton to cover up hyperpigmentation on my cheeks. NC 45 is the shade I use to conceal. I recently picked up NC 42 to brighten my under eye area. It does crease under the eyes so you have to set it immediately. I’d also recommend a color correcting concealer first if you plan to use on the under eye area.


MAC Mineralize Skin Finish- Dark

I forgot to add this to the picture. This is a cult product that I just picked up over the summer. I travel across the country once a month and I needed a powder that was easy to travel with. My other setting powder is loose and comes in a bulky container. This is perfect for packing and I can put my makeup on in the train without worrying about spilling product.



Rimmel Match Perfection- Medium 430

I may have had this more than a year as well. I’ve yet to find a holy grail under-eye concealer, but I had to add this one. It’s good enough. As long has you use a good brush, it doesn’t move. For me that means placing the product with the brush applicator and patting it in with the Real Techniques Pointed Foundation Brush. I want to rave about this concealer because it’s amazing that I could find a drug store concealer in my shade! And this is only “medium” so they must have a few brown girl friendly shades.



Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit

I purchased this this summer after seeing it all over Youtube. I swatched the different versions, but ended up going with the original one. I felt like a lot of the colors in the dark one were the same skin tone as me. In this one there is one shade that is very ashy, but the other light colors are fine. I use this to set under my eyes and for contouring and bronzing. It’s a nice multiuse product. I occasionally use it as eyeshadow as well so I don’t have to pack a ton of items.





*Product images are affiliate links. All opinions stated are my own honest opinion.

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I tend to stick to a few signature scents. I’ve actually gained a couple new scents this year- not exactly new to the market be new to me. The product photos in the article will take you to an online vendor.


Reb’l Fleur – Rhianna

The first one is a celebrity scent. I don’t normally go for those, but I smelled it on a friend of mine and had to purchase. It quickly became my most used – everyday scent for 2015. Rihanna Reb’l Fleur has a very pleasant floral scent. The top notes consist of berries, the middle notes are floral, and base notes include musk and patchouli. Most scents that I love have a combination of berries, florals (jasmine mostly) and a heavy/ earthy base note like patchouli.

Fig & Plum – H&M

Next up is a little rollerball from H&M that I keep in my bag. The pack was around $1 for 2 scents in a sale. One of the scents didn’t appeal to me the one I kept is an eau de toilette called Fig & Plum. The scent isn’t a Love or Must Have, but it’s nice enough. The packaging is convenient and it was super cheap. Personally, I like this for days when I run out of the house and forget to put on fragrance or want an afternoon touch up.

Manifesto – YSL

Another one that I keep in my bag is just divine. It’s not something I would have picked up on my own. It was gifted to me by my cousin and I slowly fell in love. The beautifully packaged YSL Manifesto has notes of jasmine, blackcurrant, and sandalwood. It’s very feminine and a favorite of mine for a night out. I put it on then pop it in my bag if I want to touch up later on.


Angel – Thierry Mugler

The next one has been quite controversial- Angel by Thierry Mugler. I guess people either love it or hate it. I first smelled it in a magazine insert and was instantly hypnotized. I soon purchased travel sizes of 4 Thierry Mugler scents. I still loved it and purchased what I thought was the original Eau de Parfum when shopping at an airport. When I got home, I realized I had actually bought the Eau de Toilette. While both are nice, I still wanted the shooting star. A few months later I found a large bottle of the Parfum at a Goodwill for a fraction of the price. I was so excited for finally have it. Unfortunately, everyone I knew hated the scent. My mother even asked me not to wear it anymore. Although I was disappointed, I’m glad I only spent about $100 on the two full sized bottles. I still love them and luckily my boyfriend does as well. I also love it as a room and bedding spray. The notes include bergamot, red berries, vanilla, and patchouli and it’s quite unlike anything else I’ve smelled before. The perfume website also offers excellent perks for “Angels.” Every purchase comes with a unique code. When you input your codes to your page, you can receive little Mugler perks. So far I’ve gotten a scent sachet and an Angel body lotion. Most bottles are also refillable in Ulta or Sephora for a discounted price.

Forbidden Euphoria – Calvin Klein

My final favorite from 2015 is a simple sweet and floral scent from Calvin Klein. It was my go to summer scent. I didn’t intend to repurchase but ended up doing so. For me, it’s become a bit of a classic. And of course, it has notes of raspberry, jasmine, and patchouli. Unlike my other perfumes, this one also as citrusy top notes. This was a summer release so I’m not sure it’s still sold. I have seen bottles some discount department stores.





*This post contains affiliate links (product photos). All opinions are my own.

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Check out some of this year’s Black Friday Sales on natural haircare and beauty! Vendors marked with an asterisk are Black owned businesses. For the most accurate and up-to-date sales information, see each vendor’s website. Happy shopping!

Company Category Sale Title Dates Promotion Codes Restrictions
Alikay Naturals Hair Care* Pre Black Friday; Black Friday; SBS, Cyber Monday 25 Nov; 26 Nov - 27 Nov; 28 Nov; 30 Nov 25% Off; 40% Off; 10% off, Free shipping & free gift $65+; 25% Off Discount off entire site. No code. While supplies last.
Bee Mine Hair Care* Doorbuster 26 Nov; Black Friday 26 Nov 6 PM - 8PM EST; 8:01 PM EST 26 Nov - 27 Nov 11:59 PM EST 40% off; 35% off GIVETHANKS; 3GIVETHANKS Minimum $35 Purchase
Camile Rose Hair Care* Black Friday 27 Nov - 29 Nov 25% off crnblackfriday
Curl Mart Beauty Supply Grey Friday 20 Nov 25% Off & $5 Shipping No Code
Hairveda Hair Care* Black Friday 27 Nov Midnight - 30 Nov 11:59 PM 40% Off BLKFRI
Hattache Beauty Supply Black Friday 26 Nov 9:00 PM - 27 Nov 11:59 PM 25% Off & Free US Shipping on $65 or more BF2015 Excludes Synthetic Hair
Hydratherma Naturals Hair Care* Black Friday 27 Nov - 1 Dec 25% Off SUPERSALE
Q-Redew Hair Steamer Door Buster; Black Friday; Cyber Monday 27 Nov 12:00 - 11:00 AM CST; 27 Nov 11:00 AM - 11:59 PM CST; 28 Nov - 30 Nov $20 Off; $15 Off; $10 Off BlackFriday; CyberSale
Sally Beauty Supply Beauty Supply 18 Nov - 20 Nov 20% off $50 or more 888503 Online Only
Shescentit Hair Care* Black Friday 27 Nov - 30 Nov 11:59 PM 30% Off HELLOBEAUTIFUL
T. Jewel's Butters and Oils* Black Friday- Flash Sale 27 Nov 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM PST 30% off all items Thanks No Combined Offers, 1 Coupon Per Person
Terressentials Organics Clay Wash, Skin Care Free Shipping Special expires 30 Nov 11 PM EST Free Shipping on $75 or more free shipping Contiguous US
Curl Kit Hair Care* Pre- Black Friday 19 Nov - 22 Nov 40% Off All Products EARLYBFS
Eden Body Works Hair Care* Black Friday 27 Nov 30% Off of $30 or more blackfriday
TGIN Hair Care* Black Friday 27 Nov - 29 Nov 11:59 PM CST $9.99 Hair Products Black2015
Hairfinity Hair Care, Vitamins*
Manetabolism Hair Care, Vitamins*

Stay tuned for a rebranding of Thrifty Natural. Look forward to all new, up to date content and a personal blog.


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Save 20% on Shea Moisture products at Target.


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20140507-183654.jpg USA, LLC



Visit QRedew and save $10 with code SPRINGCLEAN. Ends March 20, 2014.


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Walgreens and Target have BOGO 50% off.